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  Bath Bomb Fizzes

Make Bath Time Your Time!

Bath Fizzes and Bubbles are made using The rich Oils of Cocoa butter and Coconut, to soften and condition the skin. Baking soda and citric acid to give it some fizz..Soap and Glycerin for Bubbles and Fragrance and color to sooth away the day.

These simple bath treats fill your tub with skin softening pleasure , with Fizz or Bubbles to make you smile!

Bath Fizzes (bombs) $ 3.00 and up

Fragranced to blend with all of you other bath products

Wrapped in jewel tone celo plastic to keep fresh and dry

2.5 ounces


Bubblious Bath Bomb Donuts, Made to Foam, Fizz, and Soften.

Created to match our everyday soaps and some fun seasonal fragrances.

More Images coming soon

  Solid Bubble Bar Orange

  Solid Bubble Bar Grapefruit

  Solid Bubble Bar Berry

  Solid Bubble Bar Lime

  Solid Bubble Bar Patchouli

  Solid Bubble Bar Sweet Pumpkin

  Solid Bubble Bar Cranberry Chutney

  Solid Bubble Bar Lavender

  Solid Bubble Bar sweet coconut delight

  Solid Bubble Bar Peppermint candy

  Fizzie Double Butter Bath Cupcakes


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